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Select Parent Grandparent Teacher Kid at heart. Age of the child I gave this to:. Hours of Play:. Tell Us Where You Are:.

Be the Dad You Wish You Had!: 52 Lessons My Kids Made Me Learn, Hines, Jerry,, | eBay

Preview Your Review. However it should be obvious that once you share your life with someone there is no need to always be right and always boss around. She or he in some cases because yes some people have different sexuality welcome to doesnt need a second dad or mom. Let her celebrate her body or go live in a Muslim country. Its no different than a guy who works out 7 days a week and walks around with a tight shirt or whatever to show off his muscle no one cares about.

Be the Dad You Wish You Had!: 52 Lessons My Kids Made Me Learn

And who is to say those Mexican at home depot arent actually buying material to build something from scratch? Such a waste of time trying to pin point what people are up to and worst of all believing your own imaginary world. Maybe you should have put yourself in debt and go for the higher education just so you can learn how to convey a point with out using elementary school slang!

Its called education and self respect. Because when you respect yourself enough you understand that becoming who you want to be or who you are now took , tears, sweat, pain, mistakes, and all the good and bad stuff about life. Just like anyone else trying to make it.

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Doesnt matter your race or your sexuality, we all struggle and the last thing we all need is some muscular savage going around all cocky giving his opinion about stuff or people he doesnt know shit about. PC is probably over used , no one can take a joke anymore but there is a fine line between being funny and trying to hurt or think because you are this or that, you are better than someone else. You are just another human with a god complex. You need to eat? We all do, from the poor to the rich. You will probably be buried beside a Mexican.

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35 Things I Hope My Kids Will Say About Their Dad

Am I happy to have learned this? I am way more happy that my mom took time to show me how to play the electric guitar. On some random occasion I get to play in front of people. When was the last time I had a ball in my hand? Like I would know…. I will never treat my love like I treat my sister gag. The good thing about having a sister is you learn, girls, women, whatever you wanna call them, are no different than guys.

They fart, shit, look at guys butt , talk about sex.. To me my girlfriend is my partner in crime. I see her and she sees me, just that look across a restaurant or whatever and we know that we know that we are who we are not sure if you understand what I mean The last thing I want is to have a weak women that want to be treated like she is my sister. I like me some women with power hell even with some imaginary balls lol It keeps me on my toes and I certainly return the favor.

A mother or 2 — again welcome to can do just as good of a job than a father. And having a drunk father who doesnt teach you jack shit wont make you weak. There is no set rules as to what makes someone go for what they want in life or not. I can safely say that no one here , nor you, will ever be able to achieve what someone like Michael Jackson did in his lifetime. Michael Jackson was closer to his mom, he didnt like his dad or his ways of teaching. But try to even discredit Michael success….. Because he pretty much reached the sky and beyond while being alive and all of this while getting away from his dad or his teaching!

A lot of successful people didnt grow up with a dad anyway or a mom or both.

Mabel - Mad Love

Its up to you to understand if you want something in life, you have to learn and unlearn till the day you die. Thankfully I am not enrolled into the army so why in the hell will I walk around with the same buzz cut as any other guy? Its ok for guys to express who they are with their fashion or hair cut.

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  4. Be the Dad You Wish You Had!: 52 Lessons My Kids Made Me Learn!
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How backward are you to think a stylist only knows how to cut womens hair. You could use a nice scalp massage by a nice stylist. If you are lucky you get the hot one and while she is washing you hair you take a good look at her….. But hey go enjoy your ole barber if that what it takes for you to feel mainly. Kindness is not weakness but barking at everything is weak as fuck. I go to the gym because it makes me feel alive and by consequences I have muscle but not every women likes muscle. What I am about to say will probably shock you but:.

Life is like a box of chocolate. Mmmhmm Not everyone likes or want the same thing. Welcome to the diversity that makes this world such an awesome place. I love my girlfriend, my family, my friends any race, gay , bi , straight, asexual… Be a decent human being that teach others tolerance. Thats all you need in life. Damn I forgot , if having a pet is something you want, please adopt from the shelter.

2. They model and encourage good relationships.

Those little creatures need love and a nice warm house. Peace to all of you. Lets make a loving year and the collective orgy we all desperately need instead of the separation of the know it all. How it healing up Mark or is it now Marcia? Why are you on this site? Go find something that suits your fancy panties because it is a big wide Internet in and your views will have all the confirmative support you are looking for.

Obviously you missed the part about talking too much. Sounds like you need a hug and perhaps re-read the article once more. Hey Victor, Fuck you. Your archaic list is stupid.

You need to have your ass kicked.