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Gold Standard MCAT Physics Equations Sheet (List of MCAT Physics Formulas)

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Concept of Energy Work, energy and power 4. Concept of Energy Work, energy and power 5. Lifting weights: you are doing work as the weights move upwards.

The GPE of the weights increases. Not doing work Pushing a car but it does not budge: no energy is transferred, because your force does not move. Holding the weights above your head: you are not doing work on the weights because the force you apply on them is not causing it to move. In each of the following examples, explain whether or not any work is done by the force mentioned. YES b The force of gravity pulls you downwards when you fall.

YES c The tension in a string pulls on a stone when you whirl it around at a steady speed. Don't try to re-write your notes or the text book!

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This is just waste of time. You are after key points only. Next you want to check if you have understood the work. Flash cards are useful because you could get a friend or someone in your family to test you. This is the whole point of this site - select a topic, revise it and then have a go and one of the sections here. Don't expect to do these in 5 mins! You need to set aside a reasonable block of time, say 30 mins, to make this section of revision effective.

Make sure you go back and try the corrections , and if you don't understand why you got the question wrong go back to your notes or go and get some advice. It's also important to eat properly, and get some sleep!

MCAT Physics Equations Sheet

Don't try to stay up all night and revise at the last minute. You will not feel on top of the subject when you sit the exams - try to stay in the same sleep patterns as normal and get revising in the mornings. One good plan is to finish mid afternoon so you have the rest of the day for yourself and something to look forward to after the revision.

Just find a topic you want to revise. Each topic consists of multiple choice revision questions. After each section submit your answers to save them and move on.

AP Physics 1 review of Energy and Work (video) | Khan Academy

You can check and change them later. A full topic quiz typically takes between 15 and 30 mins - micro quizzes mins. Grade Gorilla: Grills and grades you on your physics knowledge Stopping Distances. Atomic Structure. Balancing Forces. Nuclear Radiation. Motor Effect. Heat Capacity.

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The Solar System. Radioactivity Uses. Static Electricity. Pressure not OCR. See the diagram here to find the equivalent grades:. Revision Tips: Lots of people spend far too much time reading as a way to revise. Keep it short, neat and use colours if you think this will help. Hope this helps!

Good luck! How it works: This is a free site!